Download Collection of Source Code Android Application - Good evening warehouse coding friend on this occasion again we will share the application source code that you can have for free or free. The source code application that we will share on this occasion is a web-based application, namely Collection of Source Code Android application that was built using Android. You can develop this application better or according to your needs. 
 Source Code Android is a stack of open source software created for various devices with various form factors. The main goal of Android is to create an open software platform available for operators, OEMs and developers to make their innovative ideas come true and introduce successful real-world products that enhance the mobile experience for users. We also want to make sure there is no center of failure, where one industry player can limit or control another innovation. 

The result is a full production quality consumer product with open source code for customization and porting. Ok, just for those who want to learn, there are several Source code Android applications that you can download and edit to learn in the Android Studio application, download the Source Code link below. For coding warehouse friends who are interested in this application, you can download friends at the link provided, this application can also be a material for learning for coding warehouse friends who want to explore mobile-based programming, especially Android programming. for how you can look, look at the picture below:

This application can also be used as a reference in preparing a final assignment or can also be directly applied. This application can be warehouse code friends downloaded via the download link available below.

Link Download

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