Download Source Code Android-based Cashier Application - Good morning gays, this time the warehouse code will provide information about the android-based cashier application, the cashier application that we will share on this post for the application built using Android. Although it is still simple and also some features that are not yet available, but this application is very good to use reference practice to make programs using Android. In this Android-based cash register application it also uses a barcode scan system, so it is very interesting to learn. Also see the application source code that admin has shared before, namely the java-based application source code. This Android-based cashier program still needs further development, where we can redevelop the source code of this application both in terms of appearance and adding features that do not yet exist, so that it becomes a better Android-based application program, both in terms of selection available in use from the application itself

For coding warehouse friends who are interested in this application, you can download friends at the link provided, this application can also be a material for learning for coding warehouse friends who want to explore android-based programming, especially the treatment of nadroid. for how you can look, look at the picture below:

This application can also be used as a reference in preparing a final assignment or can also be directly applied. This application can be warehouse code friends downloaded via the download link available below.
Link Download

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